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Pilot slot woo! ....UPT bases? [Apr. 29th, 2010|03:56 pm]

So apparently we need to pick our base pref right away... Any pros/cons you guys have heard of? I heard good and bad things about Whiting, but more bad because coming back to the AF afterwards sucks. Is there a real big difference between Navy/AF/ENJJPT UPT? What about Vance vs Columbus vs Laughlin? Any light shed on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks.
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Its been a while [Mar. 8th, 2010|03:11 pm]

Last time I posted on this was when I said I got acceptance packet.

Its now three days till recognition.
Damn, time flies.

I'm in Squadron 22, creamedcorn what squad were you in? Its weird thinking I was reading your posts 3 years ago and now I'm part of the system! haha
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(no subject) [Jun. 12th, 2009|05:01 pm]

One of the all time funniest series of replies to an innocent question I've ever read. It's about two years old but still golden.

Link can't be accessed from the Academy I don't think because Comm Squadron hates cadets.

Am I still the Admin for this group? It's been really quiet lately.
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USAFA Community web site! [Mar. 25th, 2009|09:51 am]
Hey all I wanted to make sure all of the USAFA Candidates, Parents, Cadets, Grads and anyone else part of the USAFA community is aware of the wonderful community site created for you. There is discussion forums, Chat rooms, blogging features, social groups, arcade games and much more. All under one roof. Check it out an click around the links. www.usafacommunity.com Enjoy your community.
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Concerning laptops... [Mar. 24th, 2009|12:11 pm]

hey so I had a question about the laptop they give you. is it decent? or a peice of crap? I have my own laptop that I'd like to bring, but I don't know if they'd let me bring my own.

could you guys bring your own laptops? I'd just hate to have the money taken out of my stipend when I just spent tons of money on a laptop for myself.
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Offer of Appointment [Mar. 23rd, 2009|05:27 pm]

CLASS OF 2013 BABY!!!!!!

just got my packet in the mail. :)
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Keeping this group alive! [Feb. 3rd, 2009|06:35 pm]


I love that comic

If you're thinking about going to the Academy, I suggest you visit www.edodo.org. The comics are good most of the time and they give you an interesting view of the place you won't get from any official website or brochure. The forum is not very friendly though so beware. 
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Fitness Test [Jan. 29th, 2009|12:34 pm]

Hey guys, I have a quick question. I'm applying for the class of 2013, I've received my congressional nomination and passed my medical review board.

the question I had is about the Fitness test. how important is it if you don't meet the average scores on some of the events? I didn't meet the average's on the shuttle run, the pull-ups or the push-ups. I threw the basketball 68 feet and ran the mile in 6:35, but everything else pretty much sucked. how much would that hurt my admission portfolio?

my CFA

Basketball throw: 68 ft
Pull ups: 5
Shuttle run: 10:05
Sit ups: 50
Push ups: 42
One Mile Run: 7:29

there aren't minimums posted anywhere
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(no subject) [Jun. 5th, 2008|10:28 am]

Does anyone desire to become the administrator of the USAFA group? It should be a cadet methinks.
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Honor minute [Mar. 19th, 2008|11:47 pm]


Clear case of cheating. I've seen so many foggier cases go to separation from the Academy. I'm kind of upset the kid got off so easily.


Better to get a D or a zero than to cheat. It's just not worth your honor.
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