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Pilot slot woo! ....UPT bases? [Apr. 29th, 2010|03:56 pm]


So apparently we need to pick our base pref right away... Any pros/cons you guys have heard of? I heard good and bad things about Whiting, but more bad because coming back to the AF afterwards sucks. Is there a real big difference between Navy/AF/ENJJPT UPT? What about Vance vs Columbus vs Laughlin? Any light shed on this topic would be appreciated. Thanks.

[User Picture]From: michaelmerlinus
2010-05-06 07:11 am (UTC)
When the hell did Sheppard get added to the list?

My choices were Pensacola NAS, Whitting, Laughlin, Vance, and Columbus.

I of course got Laughlin (I'm going there in October) A friend of mine is at Laughlin right now and says it's not that bad.

I've heard the downside to Whitting and Pensacola is Phase 3 is not done at either location and thus you're moved.

Anyways everyone is pretty much going to put a similar order to the one you chose so it's all kind of luck of the draw and when you get activated. I leave may 18th for ASBC.
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